Product Review: Kokie Cosmetics So Matte Mattifying Foundation Primer

Welcome back to another post mi gente!

I hope you are kick starting this week well rested and full of energy. My goal for this week is to proactive and work on my fitness by hitting the gym at last three times this week. I tend to fall off the wagon and get lazy but it’s time to get up and get moving!

I want to start this blog post by saying that drugstore brands have come a long way. I mean there are some true treasures hiding around in there. Recently I was shopping at my local Rite Aid store and came across the brand “Kokie Cosmetics”. I heard of this brand after I received a nail polish from them thanks to one of my Ipsy bags. I was quite intrigued by their display since they have a la variety of products. I decided to dip my toe into the brand by picking up one of their primers.

My skin tends to be combination and I’m always fighting the blossoming if you will around my t-zone when I am wearing makeup. I decided to grab their “So Matte Mattifying Foundation Primer”.  It cost me around $11 dollars but I get about dollar off thanks to being a Rite Aid member.  This product claims that it will help with the longevity of the foundation by providing a shine free look with one a sheer coating.

There is no smell to the product. It’s comes out a bit milky and it feels very slippery. I prepped my skin my using my trusty eye and face serum followed by my eye cream and face cream. I let each layer soak into the skin for about five minutes before adding the primer. I places few dots around my face and blended it in. First thing I noticed is that it felt just a bit oily. There is a heavy silicone type feel that creates the sensation of slip like it is sliding all over the face. Next thing I noticed is that it did not play well with my moisturizer. It began to separate and bunch up to the point that I was having tiny white flecks. I had to wipe my face clean and try it out on bare skin.
Once I re-applied the primer it still felt incredibly oily and slippery. I did not enjoy the sensation on my skin at all. The foundation that I used was my trusted Fenty Beauty foundation. It applied great but it had a bit of slip due to the primer. I quickly set the face with translucent powder and continued to finish the rest of my makeup. In about four hours I could see that my foundation had started to break down around my nose area. I blotted the excess oil off and it ended up taking away my foundation. I  was left looking splotchy and not good overall. I did try out the primer with the colourpop foundation and I had the same thing happen again.

Sadly, I would not recommend this primer. I think the slippery and greasy feeling is unpleasant and creates a bit of a problem for whatever foundation you put on top. I saw nothing of a matte finish in fact it made it look a bit oily as the hours went on. The fact that it caused my foundation to completely come off is a definite “no-no”.

If you’ve tried this primer and it has worked for you let me know some tips. I’m a little bummed it ended up failing so hard for me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and until next time. Much love as always,



Gone Forever? Say it ain’t so!

Hello Dearies!

I am back today with another post this time it has to do with makeup. This post is extra special because it has a bit of nostalgia. By now I am sure all makeup lovers have heard that Urban Decay is saying goodbye to their most famous palette the original Naked Palette. That really took me back. First of all, this was actually one of my very first makeup palettes that I ever bought. I remember falling in love with it after watching Marlena from Makeupgeek do a tutorial with it. I tried to purchase it but of course it ended up being sold out everywhere. Since then my makeup collection has grown and Urban Decay expanded their now iconic Naked line.

Of course I got rid of my original naked palette years ago, but once it was announced that it was being discontinued I totally purchased mine before it was too late! Not because I needed it but as a makeup collector this being the first palette it brought back some nostalgia. Once it arrived at my door I tore the packaging like a child on Christmas morning.

I have to admit the original naked palette is a beautifully put together basic palette Continue reading

Drama in the Beauty Community

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to come on here and just chat with you guys. I’ve seen a whole lot of posts about the big drama that is currently going on in the beauty community. I have been on WordPress as a blogger for several years now and along the way I have met some great people in the beauty community including Marlena from makeup geek. In fact, I had her several times on the show when she first launched her brand. I’ve been a supporter of makeupgeek for years as well as other indie brands

Now, when it comes to the beauty community and even big makeup brands in general, it became this big fad where EVERYONE was joining in as soon as the saw that it paid well to be an influencer. As someone , who actually made a profession of working in the media, it became kind of like a joke to see people posting things and raving about the same products all at the same time. It kind of turned me off of actually going out and buying products. I, like probably a lot of you have been watching Beauty Influencers for a long time on YouTube. However, in the past few years, I have completely been tuned out. It all became a big commercial.

Bottom line is, makeup is a business. It’s s big industry that has only grown thanks to the exposure of social media. Speaking as a consumer, I think it is important to regroup and refocus things back to the actual love of makeup. Reviews that have been sponsored are pretty obvious for someone who has a trained eye when it comes to social media and even for those that don’t.  It’s all in the language, it how is proposed, the comparison. As a consumer that spends her hard earn cash to review skin care and other beauty products, I would like to see people go back to when they raved about items because they actually loved them.

We live in a time where we can hold makeup brands accountable for who they  support or how they do their business, promote their products, and who they collaborate with. We the consumer have the power. We decide which brands to support, what products we buy etc. I think it’s good that people are now being held accountable for their actions.

Moving forward, let’s make makeup fun again! When things are done with love and in a transparent manner people notice.

I hope you all are having s fabulous weekend. Let me know your thoughts on this whole situation happening and let’s get a conversation going! Stay tuned for a beauty review on a blush palette that I have been loving.

Sending love as always and a big thank you for all of the support.

Pink Cloud Rose Water Review

Hello my dearies,

I hope this week was fabulous and productive! Celebrate it because you survived another work week and you have made it to Friday! Fabulous feeling right? Soak it people! Personally, this week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. But hey, not everyday can be a good day right? The important thing is that we survived, we pushed forward and we got things done!

I do however want to talk about a new moisturizer that I have been using that has become my new favorite thing! I am talking about The Herbivore Botanical  Pink Cloud Face Cream. Oh my god you guys! I haven’t felt this excited about a moisturizer in such a long time. This stuff is sooo flippin good!

This cream is infused with rose-water, aloe water, and white extract. The company says that all these three ingredients will help “visibly plump and smooth the skin leaving with a glowing and slightly dewy finish.” It also claims that it will help reduce redness. Also this formula is for all skin types and can be worn alone or under your makeup.

Let me just say that yes, this absolutely does what it says it does. It became to me quite clear why it kept getting sold out. It has just a very faint rose-water smell that you can’t even notice once it’s smoothed over your skin. I will cleanse my face in the morning, follow that up with toner, then add my eye serum and face serum, let that soak in for five-minute then apply the moisturizer. My skin loves this so much it soaks it right up. It feels nice, cool, and light. I do take this product down to my neck. It adds a nice glow. I mean my skin looks plump and dewy. On my makeup free days, this alone will get people complimenting me on how fresh I look. I mean, this stuff is good! Another thing that I absolutely love, is that this is considered a “clean product”. It is paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; artificial ingredient-free; filler-free; alcohol-free; artificial color-free and it’s cruelty free! So if you’re conscious on what you’re putting into your skin. This definitely hits all of the marks.

If you are searching for a product that performs like it says it will, look no further. This stuff is very good. I paid $48 for mine and I think it’s worth every penny. If you aren’t to sure, I say just go to Sephora and ask for a sample and get ready to buy the full product!

I hope you found this useful and learned something new! I hope you guys are well and enjoy your weekend. I will be back next week with a new post! Much love as always!


Personal Tuesday? More Like Personal Friday

Hello my dears!

Thank you for checking out another post of mine. A while back I decided to include one personal post.  I titled it Personal Tuesday’s. My goal was to check in and hopefully share my experiences and struggles and create a spot where we could all just kind of cheer each other on etc. It started out great and then I stopped writing them altogether. It is a weird feeling to feel so vulnerable and exposed. It is a scary thought to be so open for just about anyone to read. Time and time again I’ve seen proof that once you publish something on the web it’s there forever. Heavy stuff right?

With that said, most of the people I find myself following are men and women who have the courage to speak up, who share their struggles and show a more raw version of themselves. I find that very beautiful and also very inspiring. In today’s social realm, we’re being bombarded with images of people looking flawless. Perfect skin, great makeup, impeccable fashion style, great bodies. I mean they really do look “picture perfect”. I mean, let’s be honest, filters are FUN. They are.You can make yourself look slimmer, get that porcelain perfect skin, change the lighting. They do it all.

I can admit that I am a bit addicted to them. Seeing a picture of myself without any pores and my dark circles gone not to mention the good riddance of the double chin, I became more critical about my own appearance. I found myself looking in the mirror and criticizing everything. My pores were too big, I can see my smile lines, I’m a little bloated and it shows in my face. I was unsatisfied with whatever makeup look I created. I even began to doubt compliments. It wasn’t until I saw a report a friend of mine who is now working in New Orleans that I began to check myself. She sat down with a plastic surgeon who said he was seeing more young people coming in getting Botox and fillers and becoming obsessed with achieving a “filtered” look in real life.

I swear the lightbulb went off. Faces have pores, we get smile lines and I feel like that’s a good thing. They’re little reminders that we have experience moments of pure joy. Let’s celebrate that. There is nothing wrong with getting a little nip and tuck. If it makes you happy do it. I do think however, that it is important to do a self check that you’re doing it for you,  not to fit a beauty standard.

I want to end this post with this thought. Let’s celebrate ourselves with all our imperfections. How beautiful it is that we’re all different and  unique. All of different shapes and sizes. Celebrate everything that makes you well…you. Let’s celebrate raw and unfiltered beauty! Let us set new beauty standards!

Let me know what you think. I would love to get a conversation going.
I hope everyone is enjoying their end to their work week. Until next time much love as always.


Product Review: Sunday Riley Luna


Hello Everyone!                                                                                                                                                      
I am back with a brand new post this time reviewing a skin care product.  The product as you can see from the title is the Sunday Riley Luna Oil. If you’re an avid YouTube beauty channel watcher then you’ve probably heard about this brand. This is without a doubt one if their most famous products. I actually used a sample but waited for a long time to purchase it because I just couldn’t see myself spending $105 (plus tax) for a skin care item!  I mean, we are on a budget people! Once I heard that they were coming out with a smaller option, I jumped at the chance at picking up.                                                                                      
So what makes this product so special? The fact that it has retinol without the serious side effects. This little magic in a bottle has an oil retinol as well as avocado oil, chia and grape seed that all help in their own way fight wrinkles and help hydrate the skin. Why everyone raves about this product is because it actually works. This little blue elixir packs all of the benefits of Retinol without the serious side effects. It’s perfect for all skin time and the ingredient combination help fight wrinkles while also plumping the skin.

The oil does come out blue and it has a very signature smell. The best way to describe it is that’s it’s a combination between a perfume and something medicinal. Think signature Grandma’s favorite perfume mixed with Vick’s Vapor Rub. I apply this to my skin right after I have used my cleanser and toner. I use about 3-4 drops and work that into my skin. There is a bit of a blue tint but once the skin soaks it up it kind of just disappears. The very next morning. My skin is feels plump and moisturized. I seriously recommend this product! It has helped overall improve the texture of my skin and I feel like it has minimized my pores as well. If you been thinking about picking this up, I would totally recommend it. Snag one up during Sephora’s VIB sale to save a couple of bucks! Trust me this product will definitely last you a while!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. I have another skin care item next! Until next time much love and light as always.

Long Time No Post

Hello my readers!  Long time no posts! I have neglected my blog to focus on work, but I wanted to hop on and say a quick hello and tell you guys I have invested in a few products that will help me become consistent with blogging. I have ideas of cool posts especially when it comes to skincare since makeup isn’t much of what I’m buying this days. I hope everyone is having a good summer break ! See you very soon.